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Here are a few articles I've had published ...

The Green Parent

'In 1982 a small non-fee paying secondary school serving the rural community of Hartland, Devon, and the outlying villages, opened it's doors for the very first time.'

Nursery World

'The case for an environmentally aware form of education for children in the face of climate change.'

Nursery World

'Nurture Groups are based withing mainstream settings and care for up to 12 children aged four to seven who have emotional and behavioural problems.'

Nursery World

'A growing number of families are choosing to educate their children at home, for a variety of reasons.'

Human Scale Education

'One of the greatest differences between English and Danish schooling is that of mutual trust and respect between pupils and teachers.' 

Nursery World

'The Dharma School in Brighton is the first primary school in the UK to be based on Buddhist principles.'

Yorkshire Post

'None of the schools I visited received government funding. And although some do charge fees, they are making no profits. Two of them have already been forced to close and for others, funding is a constant struggle.'

Human Scale Education

'Dame Catherine's was set up to run democratically. The school could not have survived and thrived the way it has without the enthusiastic support of its parents.'

Japanese TV Programme

Addressing the criticism that home educated children will grow up resentful at having been
isolated from school going peers, Ray found that 95% of the homeschooled adults were
pleased to have been home educated, adding that their education had not hindered them in
terms of either career or education. 

Natural Parent

'A local benefactor had heard of our plight to find more suitable premises and had made a successful bid to buy a recently disused local village school from the local authority for our use.'

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